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This is aTV serial of India in Hindilanguage aired by Color Television Channel since December 1, 2008. In the first six months the show revolved aroundtwo small girls Ichcha and Tapasya who were from totally different social andeconomic background. Ichcha was born in slum and was looked after her singlemother Damini but Tapasya was only daughter of a rich parent Jogi Thakur andDibya who live in a palace like house. Damini joined this rich family as a maidto give her daughter Ichcha a better life. Ichcha and Tapasya became friend andthey both enjoyed each other’s company until the new character, an aunt ofDivya Thakur enters in to scene.  This crookedwoman, the grandma (Nani) of Tapasya started making her class conscious. Atthat time it was revealed that Ichcha’s father died due to a run over incidentfor which Jogi Thakur was responsible. 
Thakurand his wife accepted Ichcha as their daughter but Tapasya was not happy bythis decision. She turned into an enemy of Ichcha by the constant provocationof Nani and started harassing her at every opportunity she got. 

On 20 June 2009, the show took a 10-year leap. Both Ichcha and Tapasya turned into adult. But Tapasya’s attitude did not changed; she still had hatred against Ichcha in spite of Ichcha’s true love and affection for her.
A new character Veer, a handsome and wealthy young man was introduced in to the show. Veer came to propose Tapasys as per the will of his family but Tapasya was not interested as she was involved with his boyfriend Sid. Veer was then attracted to Ichcha by her pleasant beauty and simplicity. Both the family agreed for the marriage of Veer and Ichcha. When Tapasya realized that Ichcha was going to be the wife of such a rich man she changed her mind and decided to marry Veer. She compelled Ichcha to give her the wedding cloths by emotionally blackmailing her. As per the custom of Hindu marriage of India the face of both bride and bridegroom are covered during the ceremony, Tapasys was succeeded in her plan. She managed to sell the story that Ichcha denied to marry Veer at the last moment and she had done this to save the prestige of both the family. The story was well digested by everybody except Veer; he did not accept Tapasya and declared that he would divorce her and Marry Ichcha. But Ichcha accepted it as her destiny and decided not do anything by which her sister would be unhappy.

By this time another new character was introduced in to the show. Vansh, a drug addict and the elder brother of Veer came closer to Ichcha when he was being treated in a recovery center. Ichcha was coming regularly at that hospital to see one of her student who was also a drug addict and being treated there. Vansh and Paras, the student of Ichcha was good friends in spite of their age difference. Ichcha requested Vansh to look after Paras during her absence in the hospital and Vansh accepted that responsibility gladly although he could save Paras when he died by over dozing of drug.
When Tapasya came to know that Vansh was attracted to Ichcha, she managed to convince both the family and let the marriage of Vansh and Ichcha happen so that she would get acceptance of Veer.  Till date Tapasya have not succeeded to be accepted by Veer.


Young Iccha
Sparsh Khanchandani
Young Tapasya
Ishita Panchal
Present Ichcha
Tina Dutta
Present Tapasys
Rashmi Desai
Rashmi Desai an Indian actress. She has acted in Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Manipuri and Bhojpuri movies. She has changed her name from Divya Desai to Rashmi Desai.
Nandish Sandhu
Rohit Khurana
Jogi Thakur
Ayub Khan
Divya Thakur
Pragati Mehra
Vaishali Thakkar
Pratima Kazmi
Veer’s Father
Akhil Mishra
Veer’s Mother
Beena Banerjee
Bollywood artist and daughter of famous actor Pradeep Kumar
Naman Mishra

Viewer’s Opinion

This Indian TV serial Uttaran has everything like drama, emotion, suspense, conspiracy and entertainment which are required for popularizing a show and the producers have succeeded in that also. But still a lot of sensible viewers have shown their distress due to the prolonged success of the negative characters.  According to them it sends wrong signal to the society.


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