Disadvantages of Mega Serial in TV

Mega serials are a part of life for many people and to tell the truth they waste their time by watching mega serials and they waste their energy (i.e.) they think it is a real story and they cannot control their emotions and they become addicted. Now-a-days, mega serials are playing a major role. There are many kinds of serials, here are some kinds:

1. Commercial Serials.
2. Emotional Serials, etc...

Mega serials are platform in which many of them become famous and they are well known to people. A good story makes a successful mega serial. Everybody cannot direct a mega serial. There are some terms and conditions for mega serials.

Disadvantages of Mega Serials :

Many people waste their time in watching mega serials and they do not even mind their family members. Once they sit in front of the TV watching mega serials, they will forget everything including cooking. Some people become addicted and they will not go anywhere out and wait to watch the mega serial. Small kids also started this is a bad sigh for our future generation.

So friends spend time with your lovable one... not with TV Mega serials...

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