Avudaiappan is a widower with three sons & only one lovable daughter “Chellama.” His sister Thazhaiamma is a widow with three sons & three daughters. She stays with Avudaiappan’s family. Avudaiappan being a sole breadwinner of a joint family faces tough time to run his family with a meager salary. Yet, he is very affectionate with everyone. He never throws tantrum at anybody & has a positive approach towards life. One fine day, Avudaiappan’s family migrates to Chennai for a better life.
Thavasi is a taciturn man & a close-buddy of Avudaiappan accompanies to Chennai. He stands by Avudaiappan’s side during the worst phase of his life. Thavasi is a good cook & he is known for the delicious recipes. Both of them decide to start a roadside motel called Chellama. Avudaiappan invests money for their motel business. Thavasi works with him as a Chef. Due to Thavasi’s culinary skills, motel Chellama becomes popular over the night. They are doing decent profit in their business.
Avudaiappan always wanted to become an entrepreneur. He asks Thavasi to invest some money to start a Hotel. Thavasi is reluctant & doesn’t want to risk his money. But Avudaiappan strives hard to get some financial aid. At this moment, Thazhaiamma helps Avudaiappan by giving her jewels for pledging. He invests more money, expands his business & becomes wealthy over the period. Now ‘Chellama’ is one of a leading hotel with the branches all over Chennai.
Thavasi thinks that Avudaiappan’s growth is only because of his brilliant culinary skills & not Avudaiappan’s hard work. Still he works with him as a supervising chef for a monthly salary. He has never imagined that Avudaiappan’s efforts would turn to be a huge success. His frustrations change him to be a Shakuni … deep inside he hates Avudaiappan & his family but never shows it to anybody. His only aim is to dysfunction Avudaiappan’s family & business.
Avudaiappan becomes old and he wants his sons to take over the business. But his sons are happy go lucky kind & they all refused to do so. Then Avudaiappan decides to divide his properties & offers a major share to his sister Thazhaiamma as she has helped him to start the business. Meanwhile Thavasi wants to get her son married to Chellama, so that he could acquire his property. Then the bolt comes from blue, instead of taking a share from Avudaiappan’s property, Thazhaiamma requests Avudaiappan to get her son Vadamalai married to Chellama. Avudaiappan feels delighted to have Chellama as his daughter-in-law. Moreover Chellama has the charisma & ability to play the fulcrum of Avudaiappan’s joint family. Chellama marries Vadamalai. Thavasi’s only hope to retrieve some money from Avudaiappan becomes impossible. Now Thavasi becomes cantankerous & schemes a silent trap to bring down Avudaiappan’s business & separate the family.
Due to Thavasi’s diabolical plan, rift starts between both families and Avudaiappan moves away from his sister’s family. Again Thavasi schemes a trap & kills Avudaiappan’s son and the murder is framed on Chellama’s husband Vadamalai.
Vadamalai is arrested & sentenced to death. Chellama comes to know that Thavasi is the reason for all the mishaps. She can’t simply go against him, as he is a close associate of her father. Her counter play to Thavasi forms the base of the story. Chellama proves him as innocent over 3 years of court trail. Chellama proves to Avudaiappan that Thavasi is the reason for her brother’s murder.
Chellama not only takes care of the entire family and also plays a vital role in developing the hotel business. Thavasi tries to destroy her family & business, with his intellectual deeds. Chellama acts a rock center & protects her family. Chellama faces so many hurdles in her life yet she deals every problem with her elegant panache & resolves it. Chellama’s struggle to withhold her family & run the business successfully against Thavasi’s plans forms the tapestry of this mega series.

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