Ramya Krishna Biography

Ramya Krishna Beautiful Multilingual Actress

Ramya Krishna is really a wonderful actress in south India as well as in bollywood. Ramya debuted in films at the age of 13. Ramya is not only a beautiful actress & sexy but also is capable of doing excellent roles like Nilambari in Padaiyappa; She still looks young in the recent TV Serials.

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Ramya Krishna Biography

Ramya Krishna born in 15 September 1967 is a successful multilingual actress in commercial Indian cinema. Ramya has over 200 films to her credit in her carrier spanning over three decades. She also holds a rare record of acting in five languages, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. Ramnya Krishna has played such diverse roles as a glam-doll, a caring wife, a devoted mom, an arrogant vamp, and even a goddess.

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