Nowadays an NRI bridegroom is highly sought after by parents who are looking for a suitable alliance for their daughter. They are very eager to see their daughter married off to a NRI bridegroom. The bridegroom’s true colors emerge only when the bride sets foot in that country and there she laments her choice and in many cases ends her life or is toiled.  Few girls who escape such predicament find to their horror that they have become social discards in their own territory.

Particularly in Andhra Pradesh, lot of instances have been reported every now and then where the daughter given in marriage to NRIs living abroad, return back after undergoing several tortures. The parents are put into several hardship both financially and mentally.

The Story of one such family who take hasty decision in getting their daughter married  to an NRI bridegroom and the problems they face because of that is the story of Sundaraakaanda.

Sneha, daughter of Baskar Rao, a postmaster in an Andhra village, is married to Ajay, an NRI from USA. The family undergoes several hardships to meet the financial requirements of the marriage, they are forced to mortgage their own house to raise funds, but they end up doing it just for the prestige that they have got an NRI bridegroom in their family. Their daughter Sneha after landing  in USA, undergoes several tortures. Through the help of a social activist-cum-attorney, Jayashree, she returns back to India.

Meanwhile, unable to meet the debts raised for Sneha’s marriage, Sneha’s parents suffer a lot.. Did they regain their status ? Did Sneha have a peaceful life after she comes back ? What is the society’s remarks on Sneha ?

Sundaraakaanda – will give you the answers..

Sujatha Gopal, the Creative Head of Sundaraakaanda, has many accomplishments to her credit. A Gold Medalist from Madras University, she served in Citibank N.A. for 10 years. She opted for VRS and then joined her husband Mr. Arun Gopal’s Production house – G3 The Studio.

She is an empanelled Director-cum-Producer with Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore. She has directed nearly 8 documentaries for CIIL under various topics like – Villuppaattu- The Bow song, Leather Puppetry, The Lost ancient towns of Tamilnadu Part I and Part II – to name a few.

Sundaraakaanda is the first television serial to be produced under the banner of G3-The Studio. Sujatha Gopal handled the entire US shoot right from fulfilling and obtaining visa for the crew ,  arrangement of locations, fixing up of artistes and other logistics. She was ably supported by US Team members Mr. Thyagu Manickam, Mr. Bala Shan, Mr. Senthil Haldorai and Mr. Ramzan Lakhani. Mr. Arun Vaidyanathan, the director of Achamundu Achamundu, who is a resident of New Jersey helped in giving his expert advice regarding the formalities of filming in USA.

Sujatha Gopal attributes the success of the serial entirely to the team of Director, Story writer , Dialogue writer, Cinematographer and the Actors and to all technicians of Sundaraakaanda.

Sujatha Gopal says that the success of Sundaraakaanda has really given a confidence that people appreciate stories with different themes and give due credit to the quality and hard work. G3-The Studio will soon produce Serials in Tamil and Kannada too.

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