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Artist acting in both cinema and TV

Tamil Actress Sneha Profile

Personal Profile (Personal Biography):
Original Name: Suhasini Rajaram
Date of Birth (Birthday): 12 Oct 1981
Height: 5’5″
Hair Color: Black
Birth Place:  Mumbai (Maharastra)
Religion: Hindu
Marital Status:  Single
Languages: English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam And Kannada
Hobbies:   Reading Books, Listening to music
Other Facts: Learnt folk dance and Bharathnatyam
Family Background

Father’s Name: Rajaram
Mother’s Name:  Padmavathy
Brother’s Name: Balaji, Govind
Sister’s Name: Sangeetha
Film Background (Filmography)
Debut Film:  Virumbugiren (Tamil)
Famous Movies:  Vasool Raja MBBS, Aanandam , Ennavle, Vaseegra , Jana,Unnai Ninaithu , King, Autograph, Sri Ramadasu, Ernandoi Sreevaru, Paandu
Latest Movies:  Palikoodam, Naan Avan Illai, Pudhu Pettai
Upcoming Movies:  Inba, Pirivom Santhipom, O chinnavada
Favourite Dish/ Recipes:  Vegetable Biriyani, Italian Food, Chinese Food
Favourite Dress:  Kurtha and Jeans
Likes: Playing Shuttlecock, Chatting with friends, Sleeping, Watching Movies
Hobbies:  Reading Books, Listening to music

S. Ve. Sekar Stage Dramas

S. Ve Sekar is a veteran in Tamil Drama scene with more than 35 stage dramas to his credit. He had done more TV serials as well as movies also. 

Easily one of the best by S. Ve Sekar's. This is about Detective Ganesh working on the assignment of finding out Gulfi, the 20 yr old rich lost heiress. To compound his woes 3 'Gulfis' land up in his client's place. Ganesh has to choose the right 'Gulfi'. In parallel Ganesh is in love with 'Meow' without seeing her, thus making a spoof of Kadhal Kottai. So he has got the additional burden of locating his heartthrob also amidst his business tension.

வால் பையன்

One fine day Chidambaram gets a long tail from Lord Hanuman. How he manages with that extra feature is the crux of this drama....

Vetrivel is a lawyer who is always at loggerheads with Krishnaveni. But destiny has other plans. His uncle marries the elder sister of Krishnaveni and now Vetri is under pressure to tie knot with Veni. When Vetri & Veni was about to settle down twist comes in form of seperation between the elders...P.S: Can be rated as one of the best of S.Ve Sekar's creations

மனைவிகள் ஜாக்கிரதை

This title is misleading and should have been named the otherways... Baskar falls in love with Yamuna but takes a longer to propose her and by that time she gets married. After his marriage in the name of being transparent he tells his crush (love?) to his wife. The hell breaks loose after that..

மகாபாரதத்தில் மங்காத்தா    

A socio fantasy where the characters travel through the ages of Mahabharatha Taj Mahal and to the future of 2060 AD.

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Preeti Puri

Preeti Puri, the very beautiful and talented actress has catapulted to fame by essaying the vampish character in the Zee evening show `Mamta`. She is an out-an-out negative character in this show and is very happy with the response she is getting for this show. Her trademark blinking of eyes in the soap has also become very popular and when she socializes people asks her to show how she actually does it on-screen. As the negative characters are emerging at a fast rate today so Preeti Puri has taken it as a challenge to carve out a niche for herself in the hearts of the audiences of the small screen. In this soap she plays an ambitious daughter-in-law hankering after riches and wealth and is not portrayed as the usual scheming types. She at once grabbed the offer when it was offered to her because it was a story with a difference based on the life of a surrogate mother and what happens to her when she is told that her baby is alive but not in safe hands.

Preeti Puri is an MBA graduate and left a promising career in banking to join the uncertain world of acting. She claims that her passion lied in acting and she always had the feeling that she would look better on screen. Moreover she was not interested in the monotonous lifestyle so she went ahead and auditioned for television roles. In her short span of career she has enacted several roles on television soaps including that of Mr. Bajaj`s daughter in `Kasautii Zindegi Kay`, Nandini`s sister in `Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi`, Mollie in the very popular Balaji romantic saga `Kahiin To Hoga` and also in `Kehna Hai Kuch`. But she claims that `Mamta` is a story which helped her to prove her mettle as an extremely talented actress. Her role is of extreme significance in this soap because it is on her that the entire story revolves.

Prreti Puri has also wooed the audiences of the silver screen by her cameo performance in the Bollywood blockbuster `Aitraaz`. In this film she played the role of Akshay Kumar`s secretary. She bagged the offer of her second venture `Siskiyaan` purely by coincidence. Namrata Shirodkar was the first choice but as things did not work out with her she was approached for the role and she gladly took it up. She is looking forward for her this venture `Utthan` in which she plays the second lead opposite Priyanshu Chatterjee. In this film she is playing the chief minister`s daughter who is a kathak dancer. As the name suggests the movie is about the empowerment of women and will release around in the month of October 2007. She also did not have much role in Abbas Mustaan`s `36 China Town` but she claims that it was an amazing experience to be part of the project. She stated in a recent interview that she hails from a conservative Punjabi background and her family was initially against her decision to join the glam world. Later her parents supported her to an extreme extent. After her work was appreciated in the Bollywood flick her family proudly introduced her to their friends. Her fans sincerely wish that this actress would go a long way in the coming time to carve out a niche for herself both in the hearts of the audiences of the silver screen and small screen.

Vikrant Rai

Vikrant Rai is no more an unfamiliar name in the television industry. He has made the young girls to get attracted to him not only by means of his sheer good looks but also by his immense acting flair. In fact such is his acting skills that he has bagged two big projects together within a very short span of his career. He was seen essaying the role of Kshitij in the popular Zee show `Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan` and also portrayed the role of Jeet in another superhit Zee soap `Maayka-Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka`.

In the former show his role is that of soft, decent and kind-hearted youth who falls in love with one of the female leads Saraswati but looses her when she gets married. But when he hears that her marriage has proved to be a disaster he makes a die-hard attempt to save the love of his life and after putting her evil husband behind the bars he gets married to her and also takes the responsibility of her child. But soon after the marriage he made his exit from the show for reasons best known to him. In the other show `Maayka` he plays a straightforward and dashing youngster who is a singer in a club and is harboring dreams of making it big in the music industry. But unfortunately in this show also the cute-faced actor Romit Raaj replaced him.

On the personal front however Vikrant Rai is at the helm and is cherishing every moment of his love life with his long-distance girl friend who puts up in Canada. The couple first met at Kishore Namit Kapoor Academy and instantly hit it off and went on to become very good friends. It is after his girl went back to Canada that they both realized that they had fallen in love. The hope of uniting with the love of his life someday keeps him alive. Only at the age of 24 this actor has been successful in making a mark in the industry and wooing the small screen audiences over with his magnetic charm and a dashing persona. It is also expected that this actor will keep on entertaining the audiences in the coming times by means of his superb performances and performance-oriented character portrayals.

Indian TV Actors

• Ronit Roy • Amarr Upadhyaya • Hiten Tejwani aka Karan
• Hussain Kuwajerwala • Rajiv Khandelwal • Ram Kapoor
• Sumeet Sachdev • Iqbal Khan aka Angad • Kiran Karmarkar , Indian TV Actor
• Eijaz Khan aka Kavya • Karan Grover • Aman Verma
• Rohit Roy • Kiran Kumar aka Raman Lamba • Irfan Khan
• Sushant Singh • Govind Namdev • Apoorva Agnihotri
• Shakti Anand • Shivaji Satam • Ravi Bhel
• Chaitanya Choudhury • Vineet Kumar • Rajeev Khandelwal
• Vishal Watvani • Amit Khanna • Amit Behl
• Vikrant Rai • Vikas Manaktala • Karan Singh Grover
• Raju Shrivastav • Kamlesh Oza • Shishir Sharma
• Lalit Parimoo • Ankur Nayyar • Sanjay Taneja
• Vishal Singh • Manoj Joshi • Deepak Qazir
• Vinod Singh • Harssh Rajput • Rajat Tokas
• Gautam Chaturvedi • Prabhat Bhattacharya • Karan Wahi
• Dhruv Bhandari • Jagmeet Samunderri • Pankit Thakkar
• Ajinkya Deo • Abir Goswami • Dharmesh Vyas
• Akshay Anand • Sandeep Rajora • Manish Wadhwa
• Vinod Sherawat • Samir Sharma • Mahesh Thakur
• Darshan Dave • Ashish Nayyar • Sumeet Raghavan
• Paresh Ganatra • Deven Bhojani • Bhanu Uday
• Sumit Sachdev • Virendra Saxena • Rajeev Mehta
• Gaurav Gera aka Nandu • Amit Verma • Alka Kaushal
• Vikram Acharya • Gaurav Khanna aka Sharmaan • Yuvraj Malhotra
• Kabir Sadanand • Rakesh Paul • Vineet Raina
• Romit Raj • Sudhir Dalvi • Rakesh Bedi
• Satish Shah • Mishal Raheja • Harsh Chhaya
• Sachin Shroff • Suresh Menon • Rahul Lohani
• Kushal Punjabi • Manav Vij • Jatin Grewal
• Amit Sarin • Anupam Bhattacharya • Ajay Krishnamoorthi
• Cezanne Khan • Anand Suryavanshi • Abhay Vakil
• Sandeep Baswana aka Saahil • Aamir Ali • Aashish Kaul
• Deepak Parashar • Manish Raisinghania aka Varun • Sudeep Sahir
• Manoj Bidvai aka Nikhil Mittal • Parikshit Sahani • Vivan Bhatena
• Preeti Puri • Rohit Bakshi • Indraneil Sengupta
• Vikram Gokhale • Shekhar Suman • Karishma Randeva
• Shabbir Ahluwalia • Mohan Bhandari • Mehul Kajaria
• Sachin Sharma • Naman Shaw • Jay Bhanushali
• Ami Trivedi • Sunil Grover • Karan Mehra
• Vikram Kapadia • Javed Jaffrey • Mazher Sayed
• Amit Tandon • Vikas Bhalla • Vipul Gupta
• Jiten Lalwani • Jatin Shah • Sachin Pilgaonkar
• Swapnil Joshi • Sharad Malhotra • Manish Goel
• Yash Tonk • Vikas Sethi • Sharad Kelkar
• Karan Patel aka Robbie Sabrwal. • Anup Soni • Rajat Kapoor
• Pawan Shankar • Rahil Azam • Mukul Dev
• Karan Oberoi • Salil Ankola • Nikhil Arya
• Mihir Mishra • Manoj Bohra aka Prem • Aryan Vaid
• Rajeev Paul • Manav Gohil • Gurpreet Singh
• Gaurav Chopra • Anang Desai • Ajay Arya
• Varun Badola • Anuj Saxena • Chetan Hansraj
• Ajay Gehi • Ali Asgar • Akaashdeep Saigal


Let's face it: Awards shows are popularity contests, media coverage is usually a matter of who has the best publicist, and the networks let the prettiest actors on a particular show dominate the ad campaigns. But when you get right down to it, some of the greatest working thespians today choose to hone their craft, not on the stage or silver screen, but on the boob tube.
Here they are every week, bringing class and complexity to the vast wasteland. Many of them are middle-aged, realistically normal looking, and enigmatic; others are stars on the rise, deserving of more screen time. Either way, we think it's time to cut through the hype. So we humbly submit our list of The 10 Greatest Actors on TV Right Now:

CCH Pounder ("The Shield") For six seasons, Michael Chiklis has been the recipient of well-deserved praise and awards; co-stars like Jay "Dutch" Karnes and Kenny "Lem" Johnson earned loyal fan followings, while guest stars from Glenn Close to Forest Whitaker have excelled in memorable (and too-brief) story arcs. But make no mistake: Without Pounder's Claudette Wyms, "The Shield" could never have been so compelling over such a long period. Harnessing equal amounts of sympathy and strength, the veteran actress has created the vital, solitary character on the show who refuses to indulge in the moral gray areas that make everyone around her so fascinating (hell, even Dutch once strangled a cat for kicks). With an iron fist and an unwavering resolve, Pounder has painted a staggeringly complex portrait of a middle-aged, twice-divorced, terminally-ill black woman navigating a man's world. The Emmys should be ashamed of themselves for giving her no more than a single nomination a few seasons ago.
Michael Emerson ("Lost")
As Benjamin Linus, the leader of The Others, much of the "Lost" tension has been on the shoulders of this veteran supporting star, an eerie actor who convincingly walks the line between being philanthropic and diabolical. For proof of Emerson's talents, look no further than the recent scene in which Linus apparently killed paraplegic John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), which mixes paranoia, jealousy and blind fury to create the potent mix that would expose a major plot point. Arguably, he's the best love-to-hate-him actor on TV right now.
James Morrison ("24")
Sure, Kiefer Sutherland gets his face on all the billboards and DVDs, but if there's one thing "24" fans have learned, it's that each season sinks or swims based on the character actors who bring Jack Bauer's dangerous world to life. It's no coincidence, then, that burly, tender Morrison has been heading up CTU during the same seasons when the action show has reached its creative (and ratings) peaks. Bringing life to Bill Buchanan, Morrison is a master at letting the weight of his difficult decisions wash across his face; from the death of Edgar Stiles (Louis Lombardi) to his repeated incarcerations of Jack, he has brought added weight to so many moments. When Buchanan has been allowed to leave the office, Morrison has proven an able-bodied action hero -- and his conflicted marriage to Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) became an unexpected high-point recently. It's no coincidence that the recently-concluded season stumbled during the episodes when Buchanan was relieved of his command; let's just hope that the character's recent forced retirement doesn't stick, or Jack may encounter a threat far worse than the Chinese next season.
Nicholas Lea ("Kyle XY")
At first, we thought he was trying to kill the mysterious teen known as Kyle XY (Matt Dallas); now, he has become his unlikely protector. Lea's Tom Foss is a killer -- he's ruthless -- but ultimately he has a good soul. Veteran "X-Files" actor Lea has become a standout on the cult show, bringing far more substance to the role of his detective/bodyguard than one would ever expect from its teen-targeted storylines. For two seasons, the sci-fi show has been promoted with the tagline, "Who is Kyle XY?". But we defy you to watch a single episode without wondering about the identity of this compelling supporting actor.
Creed Bratton ("The Office")
While we all love John Krasinski, Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer, the biggest scene-stealer on NBC's hit comedy has turned out to be the demented-yet-lovable elder statesman of the Dunder-Mifflin family. He's creepy, apathetic, bizarre and quite possibly homeless. He was in an iron lung as a teenager, bathes in the office water cooler, and has a crush on Pam but seems to have forgotten who she is. Creed is also the most technologically-savvy of the group, contributing regularly to a blog that is really just a Word document set up by Ryan the temp. (In real life, Creed's blog is a must-read, offering such pithy observations as, "Winning is everything when it comes to Russian Roulette.") We don't know if the real Creed Bratton is anything like the TV Creed Bratton and, quite frankly, we're afraid to ask. But when all is said and done, Creed is a wholly original concoction simultaneously unlike anything we've ever seen, and familiar to anyone who's spent time in an office alongside a very strange co-worker. In short, Bratton might be the best actor on TV who isn't acting.
Julianne Nicholson ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent")
She has the face and figure of someone you would normally want to protect from the scumbags she deals with on a regular basis. But behind those hazel eyes is an intelligence and intensity that ranks her among the most interesting actors to ever inhabit Dick Wolf's universe. Nicholson and partner Chris Noth have taken the long-running "Criminal Intent" to a new level over the past few seasons, with his sizable stature balanced well by her disarming innocence. Following a vague season finale and a real-life pregnancy, fans are speculating that Nicholson might not return after her hiatus; while the "Law & Order" franchise has proven resilient, her loss might be a tough one to overcome.
Chandra Wilson ("Grey's Anatomy")
When Dr. Bailey speaks, the interns (and attendings, and even the chief of surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital) listen. The straight-talking, take-no-crap, moral rock of "Grey's Anatomy" cuts through the unending love-triangle melodramas of the popular ABC show, offering real words from a refreshingly relatable character. Although her character may be nicknamed "The Nazi" for her unemotional, stoic reactions to the childish antics of the surgery ward, the veteran actress does a superb job of balancing that persona with the warmth of a mother hen. Wilson consistently steals scenes, often with little more than a no-nonsense stare that would make any corner-cutting intern cough up their indiscretion. Now, with at least two main characters leaving the show, here's hoping the "Grey's" producers realize that this is one doctor who needs to be in.
Robert Knepper ("Prison Break")
He's known as T-Bag, but Robert Knepper is anything but watered down. He does the crazy psycho guy, and the sympathetic schlub, somehow simultaneously. While being reminiscent of Robert De Niro in "Cape Fear," Knepper has still made the character very much his own -- and revelations about his own backstory of sexual abuse have made him a remarkably sensitive character. In particular, T-Bag's flashback scenes with his girlfriend have a tenderness to them that make Knepper much more than a jail-yard bogeyman. We wouldn't mind seeing another 5-to-10 sentence with this guy.

Hugh Laurie ("House M.D.")
Most people would never want an ass like Dr. Gregory House as their physician; subsequently, most people would be dead. Hugh Laurie brings a credible intelligence to the character who always seems one step ahead of the medical community, and as a result has made his character's ill-advised bedside manner incredibly tolerable. It's no secret that Laurie is a great actor. He's already been nominated for an Emmy and won two Golden Globes, but it isn't overstating things to say that we may be witnessing the birth of the latest classic character from the "Columbo" and "Kojak" mold. Let's just hope that the show influences a generation of real-life doctors in the intelligence department, and not in their attitudes.
Jack Coleman ("Heroes")
First, he was the most despicable character on television. Then, within a matter of weeks, he became one of the most sympathetic. You can call him Mr. Bennet, you can call him HRG, or you can even call him Noah. But whatever Coleman's character is named, he's unlike anything we've ever seen on television. Originally, Coleman's mysterious company man was only supposed to be a minor character. But after producers saw the narrative gold mine of family, loyalty and fear that the veteran actor was tapping into, they understandably decided to keep him around. Come to think of it, the work of Coleman is even more amazing when you realize that he's one of the few actors on the hit show who doesn't have whiz-bang special effects to fall back on. In a world full of super-heroes, it's ironic that the man without powers is the strongest of them all.

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The situation turns embarrassing for Manav, since he is seen as a waiter

Some of the characters in the serial are being shown with some twists in their character. The biggest surprise has been in the nature of the 2 sisters of Archana, Varsha and Vaishu. Both of them seem to be totally against Maanav, and to some extent against Maanav. Their sister-in-law Manju is also totally against Maanav, and also against Archana to a large degree.
Things are slowly moving to a head in the story regarding the double life of Dharmesh, who was already married to Madhuri and had a son, before he got married to Vaishu, who is also now pregnant. The story is moving closer to a revelation, with Vaishu slowly starting to feel a bit uneasy, and the story being shown as showing Madhuri and Vaishu bumping into each other at various intervals, and some close situations where Vaishu could have come face to face with the truth. Both Maanav and Archana know the truth, and Dharmesh knows that they know, and hence is very worried about what Maanav will do.
The situation reaches an embarrassment when Maanav has taken a job as a waiter at a hotel, and by coincidence, Sateesh selects the hotel as the occasion for the marriage anniversary celebrations of his and Varsha's marriage. At the ceremony, they come across Maanav as his role of a waiter, and many of them feel very bad at the situation, such as Varsha, Vaishu, Manujsha, her mother, etc, since they feel that it reflects badly on their family if a son-in-law is working as a waiter, and also feel that Maanav deliberately did this so that everybody would be humiliated. However, Maanav does not care too much for this, since he feels that this is a job like any other job and he needs to do this to take care of his wife and their future. Further, Satheesh is also supporting, but he never forces the issue with Varsha since she would pick up a fight with him on this.

Death - English TV Characters

Cause of Death Person Program
Fell to death through glass skylight trying to grasp the Rambaldi Sphere Irina Derevko, Sydney's Mother Alias
Multiple shots to the body by Sydney Bristow - but by the power of Ramaldi sphere, he came back to life. Dying Jack Bristow - wounded with three shots to his chest - exploded the Rambaldi tomb and trapped Arvin, now immortal, for eternity. Arvin Sloane Alias
Subway Bomb Explosion (he couldn't stop countdown) Agent Thomas Grace Alias
Machined-gunned down by terrorist Kelly Peyton The Twelve Alias
Fake Sydney slashed a knife across her throat Renee Alias
Accidentally killed by her father (Arvin Sloane) when he pushed her into a glass coffee table. A shard of glass cut into her throat. Nadia Santos (Sydney's Half-sister) Alias
Murdered by SD6 Sydney Bristow's boyfriend Alias
Murdered Wife of Thomas Grace Alias
Fatal Stroke  Edith Bunker / Housewife All in the Family
Brain Tumor
(Cerebral Hemorrhage)
Billy Allen Thomas / Lawyer  Ally McBeal  
Killed Serving in Irag Conrado Gonzalez/Doctor American Family
Vaporized Saving Others  Allen Francis Doyle / Demon Angel
Knife to the throat Lila / Lawyer for Wolfram & Hart Angel
Coma Complication after the birth of her child Cordelia "Cordy" Chase Angel
Body possessed by demon Goddess named Illyria Winifred "Fred" Burkle (Illyria) Angel
Killed by Demon Cyvus Vail Wesley Wyndham- Pryce / Demon Hunter/Ex-Watcher Angel
Shot by Lorne (Lindsey's last words "A...flunky? Angel kills me!" Lindsey / Evil Lawyer
at Wolfram & Hart
Killed by Angel Hamilton / Head Evil Lawyer at Wolfram & Hart Angel
Killed by Charles Gunn Senator Brucker / Evil Politician Angel
Gunn is mortally wounded but he battles horde of demons Streetwise Vampire Hunter Angel

Death - TV Actors
Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Backus, Jim 07/03/1989 Gilligan's Island 
& Voice of Mr. Magoo
Ball, Lucille 04/26/1989 I Love Lucy Died after undergoing heart surgery
Barbera, Joseph 12/18/2006 Co-Creator of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons (Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo Natural Causes
Baron, Sandy 01/21/2001 Hey Landlord! & Seinfeld  Emphysema
Barth, Eddie 05/28/2010 Simon & Simon Heart Failure
Barty, Billy 12/23/2000 Veteran Movie & TV Actor Heart Failure
Beck, Jackson   07/28/2004 Voice of Superman
& Bluto in Popeye cartoons
Natural Causes
Bel Geddes, Barbara 08/08/2005 Miss Ellie Ewing on Dallas Lung cancer at her home in Maine. She had suffered a heart attack in 1984,
Belushi, John 03/05/1982 Saturday Night Live Drug overdose of cocaine & heroin
Benet, Brenda 08/07/1982 Days of Our Lives Suicide/.38 caliber gun in the mouth
Benny, Jack 12/26/1974 The Jack Benny Show Pancreatic Cancer
Bentley, Lamont 01/18/2005 Moesha Car Accident
Berle, Milton
The Milton Berle Show Cancer
Berry, Fred 10/21/2003 What's Happening!!
(played Rerun)
Natural Causes after Stroke
Betz, Carl 01/19/1978 The Donna Reed Show Cancer
Biggs, Richard 05/22/2004 Babylon 5 Torn Aorta
Billingsley, Barbara 10/16/2010 Leave It To Beaver (Mother) After Long Illness with Rheumatoid Disease
Bishop, Joey 10/17/2007 The Joey Bishop Show (Member of the "Rat Pack") Multiple causes, said his longtime publicist, Warren Cowan.
Bixby, Bill 11/21/1993  The Incredible Hulk  Cancer
Blocker, Dan 05/13/1972 Bonanza (Hoss) Blood clot to the brain from complications resulting from surgery
Blyden, Larry 06/06/1975  What's My Line Car Crash in Morocco
Bochner, Lloyd 10/29/2005 Popular Character Actor The Twilight Zone and Dynasty (Cecil Colby) Cancer
Bono, Sonny 01/05/1998  The Sonny & Cher Show  Skiing Accident (Crashed into a tree)
Booke, Sorrell 02/11/1994  The Dukes of Hazzard  Cancer
Boone, Richard
01/10/1981  Have Gun Will  Travel  Throat Cancer
Borino-Quinn, Denise 10/27/2010 The Sopranos (Mafia wife Ginny Sacrimoni) Liver Cancer
Bosley, Tom 10/19/2010 Happy Days (Mr. C.), Father Dowling Mysteries, Murder, She Wrote Staph Infection
Boyle, Peter 12/12/2006 Everybody Loves Raymond (played Raymond's Dad) Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) and Heart Disease
Bradley, Ed 11/09/2006 60 Minutes Leukemia
Brady, Scott 04/16/1985 Shotgun Slade  Respiratory Failure
Brand, Neville 04/16/1992  Laredo  Emphysema  
Brandis, Jonathan 11/12/2003 SeaQuest Suicide (hanging)
Bridges, Lloyd 03/10/1998  Sea Hunt  Natural Causes
Brinkley, David 06/11/2003 TV Journalist/Anchor ("Good night, Chet") Died from a Fall
Bronson, Charles 08/30/2003 Man with a Camera & Travels of Jamie McPheeters Pneumonia & Alzheimer's Disease
Brooks, Joe 12/05/2007 F Troop (Sight-impaired Trooper Vanderbilt) Natural Causes
Brown, James 12/25/2006 "Godfather of Soul" Pneumonia
Browne, Roscoe Lee 04/11/2007 Soap (Saunders) Cancer
Bruce, Carol 10/09/2007 Mama Carlson from WKRP IN CINCINNATI Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Brynner, Yul  10/10/1985 Anna & The King   Lung Cancer
Burr, Raymond
09/12/1993 Perry Mason Liver Cancer
Buttons, Red 07/13/2006 The Red Buttons Show, The Double Life of Henry Phyfe and The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Specials Vascular Disease
Buttram, Pat 01/08/1994  Green Acres  Kidney Failure 
Byron, Jean
02/03/2006 Mom on The Patty Duke Show, and Teacher on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Complications after surgery

Suicide - TV Actors
Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Adams, Nick 02/07/1968 The Rebel   Overdose of  paraldehyde and promazine
Bergman, Mary Kay 11/11/1999 South Park (Female voices - Stan's, Kenny's, & Cartman's Mothers, Wendy Testaburger, Mayor McDaniels, Ms. Crabtree, Principal Victoria, Stan's sister Shelly & Nurse Gollum). Fairly OddParents (Original voice of Timmy Turner) Gunshot to head
Benet, Brenda 08/07/1982 Days of Our Lives .38 caliber gun in the mouth
Brandis, Jonathan 11/12/2003 SeaQuest Hanged (Depressed over a failed relationship)
Combs, Ray 06/02/1996 Family Feud Hanged himself at Glendale Adventist Hospital
Duel, Peter 12/31/1971  Alias Smith & Jones  .38 Caliber
To the Head
Dunn, Michael 08/29/1973 The Wild Wild West Dwarfism / Suicide(?)
Flanders, Ed 02/22/1986 St. Elsewhere Gunshot
Garroway, Dave 07/21/1982 The Today Show  Shotgun to Head
Gilden, Michael 12/05/2006 NCIS, Charmed, CSI and Family Law Suicide by Hanging
Hall, Jon 12/13/1979 Ramar of the Jungle Gunshot (had bladder cancer)
Hamer, Rusty 01/18/1990 Make Room for Daddy  Gunshot
.357 Magnum
Hendrickson, Paul 07/09/2006 As the World Turns Gunshot to Head
Jason, Rick 10/16/2000 Combat! Suicide (Soon after publishing his book "Scrapbooks of My Mind: A Hollywood Autobiography" in July of that year)
Jeni, Richard
03/10/2007 Stand-up Comedian
Platypus Man
Gunshot to Head)
Keith, Brian 06/24/1997 Family Affair  Gunshot (had Emphysema)
Koenig, Andrew 02/??/2010 Growing Pains ("Boner") Suicide (Found in a Vancouver Park)
Loeb, Philip 09/01/1955 The Goldbergs  Suicide (Blacklisted during Communist scare in the 1950s)
O'Connor, Hugh 03/28/1995  In the Heat of the Night  Gunshot to head (Cocaine Psychosis)
Prinze, Freddie 01/29/1977 Chico and the Man  Gunshot to Head
Rappaport, David 05/02/1990 The Wizard Gunshot
Reeves, George 06/16/1959  Adventures of Superman Suicide (?)
.30 Luger to Head
Rocket, Charles 10/07/2005 Saturday Night Live Cut Throat
Salmi, Albert 04/23/1990 TV Character Actor Gunshot (Murder-suicide with wife, Roberta)
Sanders, George 04/25/1972  Batman (Mr. Freeze) Suicide in Spain (Barbiturate overdose - bored with his life)
Slezak, Walter 04/21/1983   Sunday Mystery Hour  Suicide
Stevens, Inger 04/30/1970 The Farmer's Daughter Overdose of Tedral
Strickland, David 03/22/1999 Suddenly Susan  Hanged
Tong, Sammee 10/27/1964 Bachelor Father  Gunshot (Gambler, heavily into debt)
Villechaize, Herve 09/04/1993  Fantasy Island  (Tattoo) Gunshot
Weaver, Doodles 01/17/1983 Club Oasis  &
Doodles Weaver 
Webb, Richard 06/10/1993 Captain Midnight Suicide (Had respiratory illness)
Winona, Kim 06/1978 Brave Eagle (played Morning Star) Suicide (Gun shot to head)
Young, Gig 10/19/1978   Gibbsville & The Rogues    Killed his wife then committed suicide