Death - English TV Characters

Cause of Death Person Program
Fell to death through glass skylight trying to grasp the Rambaldi Sphere Irina Derevko, Sydney's Mother Alias
Multiple shots to the body by Sydney Bristow - but by the power of Ramaldi sphere, he came back to life. Dying Jack Bristow - wounded with three shots to his chest - exploded the Rambaldi tomb and trapped Arvin, now immortal, for eternity. Arvin Sloane Alias
Subway Bomb Explosion (he couldn't stop countdown) Agent Thomas Grace Alias
Machined-gunned down by terrorist Kelly Peyton The Twelve Alias
Fake Sydney slashed a knife across her throat Renee Alias
Accidentally killed by her father (Arvin Sloane) when he pushed her into a glass coffee table. A shard of glass cut into her throat. Nadia Santos (Sydney's Half-sister) Alias
Murdered by SD6 Sydney Bristow's boyfriend Alias
Murdered Wife of Thomas Grace Alias
Fatal Stroke  Edith Bunker / Housewife All in the Family
Brain Tumor
(Cerebral Hemorrhage)
Billy Allen Thomas / Lawyer  Ally McBeal  
Killed Serving in Irag Conrado Gonzalez/Doctor American Family
Vaporized Saving Others  Allen Francis Doyle / Demon Angel
Knife to the throat Lila / Lawyer for Wolfram & Hart Angel
Coma Complication after the birth of her child Cordelia "Cordy" Chase Angel
Body possessed by demon Goddess named Illyria Winifred "Fred" Burkle (Illyria) Angel
Killed by Demon Cyvus Vail Wesley Wyndham- Pryce / Demon Hunter/Ex-Watcher Angel
Shot by Lorne (Lindsey's last words "A...flunky? Angel kills me!" Lindsey / Evil Lawyer
at Wolfram & Hart
Killed by Angel Hamilton / Head Evil Lawyer at Wolfram & Hart Angel
Killed by Charles Gunn Senator Brucker / Evil Politician Angel
Gunn is mortally wounded but he battles horde of demons Streetwise Vampire Hunter Angel

Death - TV Actors
Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Backus, Jim 07/03/1989 Gilligan's Island 
& Voice of Mr. Magoo
Ball, Lucille 04/26/1989 I Love Lucy Died after undergoing heart surgery
Barbera, Joseph 12/18/2006 Co-Creator of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons (Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo Natural Causes
Baron, Sandy 01/21/2001 Hey Landlord! & Seinfeld  Emphysema
Barth, Eddie 05/28/2010 Simon & Simon Heart Failure
Barty, Billy 12/23/2000 Veteran Movie & TV Actor Heart Failure
Beck, Jackson   07/28/2004 Voice of Superman
& Bluto in Popeye cartoons
Natural Causes
Bel Geddes, Barbara 08/08/2005 Miss Ellie Ewing on Dallas Lung cancer at her home in Maine. She had suffered a heart attack in 1984,
Belushi, John 03/05/1982 Saturday Night Live Drug overdose of cocaine & heroin
Benet, Brenda 08/07/1982 Days of Our Lives Suicide/.38 caliber gun in the mouth
Benny, Jack 12/26/1974 The Jack Benny Show Pancreatic Cancer
Bentley, Lamont 01/18/2005 Moesha Car Accident
Berle, Milton
The Milton Berle Show Cancer
Berry, Fred 10/21/2003 What's Happening!!
(played Rerun)
Natural Causes after Stroke
Betz, Carl 01/19/1978 The Donna Reed Show Cancer
Biggs, Richard 05/22/2004 Babylon 5 Torn Aorta
Billingsley, Barbara 10/16/2010 Leave It To Beaver (Mother) After Long Illness with Rheumatoid Disease
Bishop, Joey 10/17/2007 The Joey Bishop Show (Member of the "Rat Pack") Multiple causes, said his longtime publicist, Warren Cowan.
Bixby, Bill 11/21/1993  The Incredible Hulk  Cancer
Blocker, Dan 05/13/1972 Bonanza (Hoss) Blood clot to the brain from complications resulting from surgery
Blyden, Larry 06/06/1975  What's My Line Car Crash in Morocco
Bochner, Lloyd 10/29/2005 Popular Character Actor The Twilight Zone and Dynasty (Cecil Colby) Cancer
Bono, Sonny 01/05/1998  The Sonny & Cher Show  Skiing Accident (Crashed into a tree)
Booke, Sorrell 02/11/1994  The Dukes of Hazzard  Cancer
Boone, Richard
01/10/1981  Have Gun Will  Travel  Throat Cancer
Borino-Quinn, Denise 10/27/2010 The Sopranos (Mafia wife Ginny Sacrimoni) Liver Cancer
Bosley, Tom 10/19/2010 Happy Days (Mr. C.), Father Dowling Mysteries, Murder, She Wrote Staph Infection
Boyle, Peter 12/12/2006 Everybody Loves Raymond (played Raymond's Dad) Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) and Heart Disease
Bradley, Ed 11/09/2006 60 Minutes Leukemia
Brady, Scott 04/16/1985 Shotgun Slade  Respiratory Failure
Brand, Neville 04/16/1992  Laredo  Emphysema  
Brandis, Jonathan 11/12/2003 SeaQuest Suicide (hanging)
Bridges, Lloyd 03/10/1998  Sea Hunt  Natural Causes
Brinkley, David 06/11/2003 TV Journalist/Anchor ("Good night, Chet") Died from a Fall
Bronson, Charles 08/30/2003 Man with a Camera & Travels of Jamie McPheeters Pneumonia & Alzheimer's Disease
Brooks, Joe 12/05/2007 F Troop (Sight-impaired Trooper Vanderbilt) Natural Causes
Brown, James 12/25/2006 "Godfather of Soul" Pneumonia
Browne, Roscoe Lee 04/11/2007 Soap (Saunders) Cancer
Bruce, Carol 10/09/2007 Mama Carlson from WKRP IN CINCINNATI Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Brynner, Yul  10/10/1985 Anna & The King   Lung Cancer
Burr, Raymond
09/12/1993 Perry Mason Liver Cancer
Buttons, Red 07/13/2006 The Red Buttons Show, The Double Life of Henry Phyfe and The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Specials Vascular Disease
Buttram, Pat 01/08/1994  Green Acres  Kidney Failure 
Byron, Jean
02/03/2006 Mom on The Patty Duke Show, and Teacher on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Complications after surgery

Suicide - TV Actors
Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Adams, Nick 02/07/1968 The Rebel   Overdose of  paraldehyde and promazine
Bergman, Mary Kay 11/11/1999 South Park (Female voices - Stan's, Kenny's, & Cartman's Mothers, Wendy Testaburger, Mayor McDaniels, Ms. Crabtree, Principal Victoria, Stan's sister Shelly & Nurse Gollum). Fairly OddParents (Original voice of Timmy Turner) Gunshot to head
Benet, Brenda 08/07/1982 Days of Our Lives .38 caliber gun in the mouth
Brandis, Jonathan 11/12/2003 SeaQuest Hanged (Depressed over a failed relationship)
Combs, Ray 06/02/1996 Family Feud Hanged himself at Glendale Adventist Hospital
Duel, Peter 12/31/1971  Alias Smith & Jones  .38 Caliber
To the Head
Dunn, Michael 08/29/1973 The Wild Wild West Dwarfism / Suicide(?)
Flanders, Ed 02/22/1986 St. Elsewhere Gunshot
Garroway, Dave 07/21/1982 The Today Show  Shotgun to Head
Gilden, Michael 12/05/2006 NCIS, Charmed, CSI and Family Law Suicide by Hanging
Hall, Jon 12/13/1979 Ramar of the Jungle Gunshot (had bladder cancer)
Hamer, Rusty 01/18/1990 Make Room for Daddy  Gunshot
.357 Magnum
Hendrickson, Paul 07/09/2006 As the World Turns Gunshot to Head
Jason, Rick 10/16/2000 Combat! Suicide (Soon after publishing his book "Scrapbooks of My Mind: A Hollywood Autobiography" in July of that year)
Jeni, Richard
03/10/2007 Stand-up Comedian
Platypus Man
Gunshot to Head)
Keith, Brian 06/24/1997 Family Affair  Gunshot (had Emphysema)
Koenig, Andrew 02/??/2010 Growing Pains ("Boner") Suicide (Found in a Vancouver Park)
Loeb, Philip 09/01/1955 The Goldbergs  Suicide (Blacklisted during Communist scare in the 1950s)
O'Connor, Hugh 03/28/1995  In the Heat of the Night  Gunshot to head (Cocaine Psychosis)
Prinze, Freddie 01/29/1977 Chico and the Man  Gunshot to Head
Rappaport, David 05/02/1990 The Wizard Gunshot
Reeves, George 06/16/1959  Adventures of Superman Suicide (?)
.30 Luger to Head
Rocket, Charles 10/07/2005 Saturday Night Live Cut Throat
Salmi, Albert 04/23/1990 TV Character Actor Gunshot (Murder-suicide with wife, Roberta)
Sanders, George 04/25/1972  Batman (Mr. Freeze) Suicide in Spain (Barbiturate overdose - bored with his life)
Slezak, Walter 04/21/1983   Sunday Mystery Hour  Suicide
Stevens, Inger 04/30/1970 The Farmer's Daughter Overdose of Tedral
Strickland, David 03/22/1999 Suddenly Susan  Hanged
Tong, Sammee 10/27/1964 Bachelor Father  Gunshot (Gambler, heavily into debt)
Villechaize, Herve 09/04/1993  Fantasy Island  (Tattoo) Gunshot
Weaver, Doodles 01/17/1983 Club Oasis  &
Doodles Weaver 
Webb, Richard 06/10/1993 Captain Midnight Suicide (Had respiratory illness)
Winona, Kim 06/1978 Brave Eagle (played Morning Star) Suicide (Gun shot to head)
Young, Gig 10/19/1978   Gibbsville & The Rogues    Killed his wife then committed suicide

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