S. Ve. Sekar Stage Dramas

S. Ve Sekar is a veteran in Tamil Drama scene with more than 35 stage dramas to his credit. He had done more TV serials as well as movies also. 

Easily one of the best by S. Ve Sekar's. This is about Detective Ganesh working on the assignment of finding out Gulfi, the 20 yr old rich lost heiress. To compound his woes 3 'Gulfis' land up in his client's place. Ganesh has to choose the right 'Gulfi'. In parallel Ganesh is in love with 'Meow' without seeing her, thus making a spoof of Kadhal Kottai. So he has got the additional burden of locating his heartthrob also amidst his business tension.

வால் பையன்

One fine day Chidambaram gets a long tail from Lord Hanuman. How he manages with that extra feature is the crux of this drama....

Vetrivel is a lawyer who is always at loggerheads with Krishnaveni. But destiny has other plans. His uncle marries the elder sister of Krishnaveni and now Vetri is under pressure to tie knot with Veni. When Vetri & Veni was about to settle down twist comes in form of seperation between the elders...P.S: Can be rated as one of the best of S.Ve Sekar's creations

மனைவிகள் ஜாக்கிரதை

This title is misleading and should have been named the otherways... Baskar falls in love with Yamuna but takes a longer to propose her and by that time she gets married. After his marriage in the name of being transparent he tells his crush (love?) to his wife. The hell breaks loose after that..

மகாபாரதத்தில் மங்காத்தா    

A socio fantasy where the characters travel through the ages of Mahabharatha Taj Mahal and to the future of 2060 AD.

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