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Kushbhu"KAAPI KLUB" Kushbhu

"Kaapi Klub" a heavy dose of healthy entertainment for all ages. Your mornings will never be the same with our Happening RJ Kushbhu on Kaapi Klub. Getting ready to go to work, munching on your breakfast or even driving to work

RJ Kushbhu makes your mornings exciting with the latest trivia from around the world and hottest topics with celebrity interviews from different walks of life.

RJ Kushbhu's is a perfect blend of chirpy & happy voice which will get you going for the entire day and make every morning special in her own style.

RJ Kushbhu is the youngest of our clan, born on 12th December. She enthralls listeners of all ages with her peppy nature and carries a vivacious personality. RJ Kushbhu is very confident in her own performance and loves talking to people. This happy go lucky girl next door believes in "Beginning and closing day with a smile", the inexpensive way to improve your looks.


Basically an actor RJ Rajamani is familiar in the silver screen as an actor and also as a script writer assistant director and mimicry artist too.

He creates funny and roaring jokes that he rustles up in his show Chinnai Maapillai Periya Maapillai with a dash of hot news. His style is witty, spontaneous & freaky also. He also takes time to guide our RJ's. He feels that "If you are not using your smile you are like a man with a million dollar in the bank and no cheque book."


As morning comes to an end and the afternoon creeps up Chella Magal RJ Aiswarya is taking over the air @12.00pm , she's takes us down memory lane with the Golden oldies, those songs of the 60's and 70's. RJ Aiswarya talks about the legends of tamil cinema which includes actor, singers and musicians. The interesting trivia that she shares with the listeners are very rare and valuable.

RJ Aiswarya is a talkative young lady with a creative mind and positive energy. She reaches to the young and the old through "Black and White" and this is confirmed by the letters and mails that she gets for her show. Born on 14th February, she is lovingly called Chella Magal by her fans.

Rohini"APPADI PODU" Rohini

She is the expert on Kollywood music and movies, well known to most actors and actress personally. RJ Rohini's interviews with celebrities are very casual and friendly. She is a charming young lady and has her own fan club comprising of more boys who would do just anything to talk to her on "Appadi Podu".

Late afternoon is a laidback time and RJ Rohini comes in to break the monotony of the afternoon hours with lots of fun and Kollywood gossips. Appadi Podu is a show full of fun energy and upbeat entertainment for one and all.

RJ Rohini is very enthusiastic and bold in her approach, her nature will make you forget your timidity and reserve nature and make yourself open .Born on 5th June, RJ Rohini is someone with whom anyone and everyone can connect. Very passionate about her work, once inside the studio she jus enjoys RJing and entertains her listeners with her subtle sense of humor. RJ Rohini's enticing voice and conversation and highlights of the show.

Raihanah"REHMANIA" Raihanah

RJ Raihanah is no stranger to music lovers; she is a well renowned singer, composer and music director. She is a very cheerful and modest person. It feels great to talk about our own sibling and RJ Raihanah takes great pride in hosting Rehmania as no would know Rehman better than his own elder sister.

The listeners already captivated by Rehman's song get all the more attracted by RJ Raihanah's voice, she takes the show in style and delight. RJ Raihanah is famous @ Aaahaa 91.9FM for her smile and friendly approach; she is a source of inspiration for the younger generation with music talents.

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