Thursday, December 9, 2010

Burey Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum Overview

This story is about the Popat family based in Baroda city. The head of the family is Mr..Ambalal who has a successful jewellery store. He has two sons Mansukh and Bhallu who are married to Rasila and Sushila, who are also real sisters. Ambalal’s cunning and shrewd wife Heera who anyways did not like him too much suddenly left him one day. He has, since then, just lived for his entire family and loved them wholeheartedly. Mansukh and Rasila have 3 children- Kavaliya, Gargi and Pallav. Kavliya is married to Jyotika and they also have a child. Gargi too is married but still keeps coming back very often. Bhallu and Sushila have two children - Hetal and Jai. This big joint family lives together in peace and harmony! How can such a big joint family live in peace in harmony under one roof ? It is just not possible. It's possible, because it has been made possible. As they say a book cannot be judged by its cover, don’t go by what you see at the first glance. Dig a little deeper and the truth presents itself. The Popat family is divided in two parts - the thinkers and the doers. Mansukh’s side of the family is cunning, wicked and has a personal agenda always. Their needs are placed before anyone else’s, and all things that happen in the house are crafted to what they want. While Bhallu’s side family is simple, they have no concept or thought that another human being can hurt someone. The look up to Mansukh’s side of the family and this simplicity is what Mansukh’s family feasts on. It all started when Rasila decided she could not spend her entire life cooking and cleaning, Mansukh vehemently supported her decision. It was decided that she should get her simpleton devar married to her unfussy sister Sushila. Since that day anything that Mansukh and her family want is fulfilled by Bhallu and his family. They have been running the show like this for years and no one questions it. All is well till Ambalal decides to get Hetal married. The cunning family panics. Photos are exchanged and the boy has been decided. Hetal’s engagement is a grand affair. Bhallu, Sushila and Jai cannot stop praising Rasila’s choice for her. The boy’s family asks for Hetal to be sent with them for a family function in another town. And then, as per Rasila ’s advice, Jyotika uses her supposed astrological foresight to warn Hetal – in order to make this marriage happen, no matter where she is, Hetal has to perform a couple of silly rituals everyday, without explaining their significance to any one. A trusting Hetal abides by her words, even at her in-laws place and they start suspecting that she is a little crazy. On the top of it all, Jyotika manages to spread a rumor of Hetal’s alleged link up with another boy in past. Her worried in-laws come to clarify and at that time, Rasila puts up a great act of being hurt by the questioning of their girls’ character. Will Hetal get married? Or will the cunning relatives destine her to a life sentence of slavery?

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